Welcome to your simplified beginner guide to Java Development

Here I want to help YOU to become a Java Developer, without any confusion, disorientation, or frustration of not knowing where to start.


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And do not worry, I promise not to bamboozle you with complicated jargons and I will be here to hold your hand along the way.


Why me? I am a passionate Java Developer who started his career not long ago and who knows how it is to learn to programme by yourself. 


Have you ever been overwhelmed by the learning process and by the amount of information available? If yes you are not alone I was in the same place as you not long ago, and I found my way out of it, and I would like to help you do the same which is why I started to create courses and tutorials drown on my experience.


You can also check out the blog where you can find information about the ongoing tutorial creation, and you can contribute by asking questions and getting help from others. 


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If you are interested in good Java books I have used you can find them here:    




*NOTE: I am adding tutorials daily in the Java Coding Academy. I also improve and organize the existing ones. If you want me to cover a particular topic with priority, please drop me an email to alin@focusonjava.com, and I will do my best to fulfill your request.