Hello, my name is Alin Bistrian, and I am a Java Developer. 


I’m here because I am passionate about Java and helping aspiring Java Developers to avoid confusion, disorientation, and frustration that every one of us had to deal with at the beginning of our journey.


New Java Developers have a lot of questions for which I have answers. I know how it is like to learn Java by yourself using code examples from the internet. Examples that most of the time did not work.


And even when they did work and you had to modify them nothing was working, and the world quickly started to crumble down, and the frustration started to build up.


I have spent years studying Java and trying to find a way to simplify the learning process and trying to define what does it take to be a Java Developer.


It hasn’t always been easy. I have made every mistake in the book. So I know most of the questions you have and the ones that you didn’t know even to ask yet.


And now I get to share with you all the experience and lessons I have learned in my career.


Do not worry because you do not need to be a guru in everything to be a Java Developer. All you need is a good grasp of Java fundamentals and a guide like this which will help you all the way.


I update the content on this page regularly so make sure you check back often.


Thanks for visiting.