Recommended Books

On this page, you will find books that I have read, and I strongly recommend you will do it too. The books are necessary because the authors shared their experience and lessons they have learned. [Disclaimer: I will earn a small commission if you purchase the book using these links]

Head First Java

To start with and if you are new to Java Head First Java is an interactive book that most people find it useful. I know that some people said that it is a little bit outdated but it covers very well the fundamentals and I believe that at the beginning is extremely important.


Head First Design Patterns: A Brain-Friendly Guide

The is an excellent book to learn OOP design patterns. If you are new to Java and object-oriented programming, then I would recommend you to start with Head First Java book from above. I was trying to find the downsides of this book, but I could not see any other then that you will not enjoy it if you do not like an interactive and fun way of writing a book.


OCA and OCP Study Guides

Getting a certification it is not mandatory to be a good Java Developer, but it helps when you are looking for a job. Even if you do not want to get certified OCA and OCP are still two excellent books because they cover the fundamentals of Java.

If you ask the question: Are they perfect? First ask yourself: Is there a perfect code? And the answer to these questions is NO, but there can be good and clean code.

It helped me when I started my career, and that is why I would like to recommend them to you as well.


OCA: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide


OCP: Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide


Clean Code

The book is an absolute must-read for all programmers and especially for Java Developers. It is true that some parts of the book require more specific knowledge of some concepts like EJB, JNDI, Proxies, etc. which can be a little bit to complex for beginners but the overall it contains handy information, and the most important thing is that it will get you into good coding habits.

For me, it was a turning point in my developer career because this book thought me how to use any opportunity to improve myself and the way I code. If you just started with Java, then I would recommend starting with Head First Java book above.