Common tools used for Java Development

Have you ever wondered what the tools that a Java Developer use every day are? If yes, you are not alone, I was thinking about it many times when I was learning, and that is why I believe it will be useful to have those tools listed here.

  • The list will contain a short description of why do developers use them. 
  • The list will also contain links to installation tutorials and to tutorials that will teach you the basics.

I will continuously update this list while I am creating the Java Developers Guide.


JDK – Java Development Kit

What is JDK

How to install JDK on Mac OSX

How to install JDK on Windows – Coming soon!

How to install JDK on Linux – Coming soon!


IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ is an Integrated Development Environment which integrates many tools used in the development process. To get you started, I recommend you to read a short introduction from tutorials point website:

IntelliJ Idea – Introduction


I recommend the IntelliJ IDEA community edition because it is free and will provide us with the required functionality to start with.:

Download IntelliJ


Here are a few instructions to get you started with IntelliJ:

Install and run IntelliJ for the first time


Apache Maven

What Tutorials Point says about Maven: “Maven is a project management and comprehension tool that provides developers a complete build lifecycle framework.”  You can continue to read here:

Maven – Overview

If you are here to study Maven in more detail, I recommend you go through all the sections at Tutorials Point.

If you want to install Maven here you can find a tutorial to do that:

Install Maven



Git is a Version Control System, and it is used by developers to collaborate and work on the same code base.

I believe that the fundamentals are essential and that is why I recommend you to read through this FreeCodeCamp tutorial which will teach you the basics.

Getting started with Git

You can find the link to the installation instructions in the tutorial above, but I have added here as well in case you want to install Git:

How to install Git